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Biologix Cryoking,2" Cryo-ColorTM Cryobox with 100-well dividers, assorted colors, 90-5200

Biologix -- Item TECPIM000075991
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Cryoking,2" Cryo-ColorTM Cryobox with 100-well dividers, 5 assorted colors, -196ºC to 121ºC, 5 Pieces/pack, 20 Packs/Case

Product Details

Product Type Consumables
Part Number 90-5200
Brand Biologix
Gross Dimensions (WxDxH cm)
Net Dimensions (WxDxH cm)
Gross Weight (kg)
Net Weight (kg)

Height 2 in
Material Durable Cardboard
Color Assorted Colors


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